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Chances are that if you are like most of our Oakland residential customers, the kitchen is the most important room in your home. Irrespective whether you own a three-story mansion or a downtown condo, it is likely that the kitchen is the heart of your house. As a place where meals are shared, conversations are started and new ideas are hatched out, the kitchen is probably the most used room in your home. Given the importance of your kitchen to the overall feel of your Oakland home, it makes sense that you should ensure that it looks its best all times. Prioritizing your kitchen often means making sure that it receives the care and attention it needs and remodeling is a great way of doing that. If you want a remodeling service that will go above and beyond for you then you need to contact VIP Kitchen & Granite Inc. today. Our skilled team of remodeling specialists are skilled and adept at upgrading kitchens of all shapes and sizes, so you can rest assured, that with us on your side, your kitchen will look its best for longer.

Three Advantages of Granite for Your Kitchen Countertop Refinishing Job

As the busiest room in your Oakland city home, it stands to reason that this is also the part of your home that is most susceptible to depreciation and damage. And while kitchen granite countertops are durable and made to last, the fact of the matter is that over time even the best made granite countertops can begin to show their age. For too long, homeowners in Oakland thought that the only option when this happened was to replace the countertops. However, VIP Kitchen & Granite Inc. offer a tried and trusted granite refinishing service that is guaranteed to breathe new life into your kitchen right away. Three of the unique and distinct benefits of investing in VIP Kitchen & Granite Inc.’s service are as follows:

1. Save Money: The reality is that in comparison to other countertop materials, granite is extremely durable and has an immense longevity. This means that with the proper refinishing work, it can look its best for longer. Granite refinishing from VIP Kitchen & Granite Inc. will remove any surface imperfections quickly and effectively.

2. Maintain the Look You Love: No two granite slabs are the same, so if you want to ensure that you maintain the same consistent look for your kitchen then you need to refinish rather than replace. If you love the look of your current countertops then why risk ruining this with a new, different slab?

3. Time-Efficient: While installing a new kitchen countertop can take weeks to finish, a refinishing job can be complete in a day or two. The reduced time it takes to refinish a granite countertop makes it the perfect choice for a busy Oakland family home.

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If you want the best remodeling team in all of Oakland then you really shouldn’t look past VIP Kitchen & Granite Inc.’s highly skilled service. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.