March 30, 2023

I was in a difficult position, trying to purchase vanities for a home I’m moving to over 2 hours away. From the time I walked into VIP, I was respectfully and personally cared for while obtaining the cabinetry and beautiful quartz tops I was hoping for. VIP then went out of their way to deliver them to my new home. They were professional, concerned about the customer and on top of the job at all times. The customer always came first. I can’t thank them enough for their help.

Sherry C.

December 14, 2022

Wow! Just had my patio done by them. I’m at a complete awe of the whole experience. Everyone is so pleasant to work with.

Lucy Nesbitt

December 12, 2022

From the initial phone call, to the design, installation. The entire process was absolutely wonderful. Very professional, top quality workmanship. Highly recommended for your needs!

Kevin M.

April 2, 2022

This business is amazing. The work that they did in my kitchen was absolutely stunning. This business truly embodies the idea of offering luxury at a reasonable price.

Sorochi A.

April 2, 2022

Just a great experience overall. I’m so thankful for the great job that they did.

Gladys Guachun

April 2, 2022

VIP Kitchen is stellar! I think this company and its workers puts so much love and care into what they do. I had my roof redone and it is so beautiful, I quite literally step outside and stare at it. These people are ones like no other. I highly highly recommend!

Chris Ribbins

April 2, 2022

Very good customer service. When I called, the technician arrived, and he went straight to work. He realized the crack in my kitchen countertop, and fixed it right away. The price was reasonable, and easy to pay. I would highly recommend vip kitchen and granite to anyone who needs help for any interior design.

Nader Desouky

April 1, 2022

Great team to work with, very professional.

Lili Huszti